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Minimum Day Schedule for 2-26-24
Buena Today 02-28-2024
Electives 2024 Short Video
Buena Today 02-26-2024
buena football
Marching Band
Aerial View of the BHS Stadium to the Pacific Ocean
Anacapa Island Field Trip
Buena campus
Buena girls volleyball
Baseball Runner
Softball Hitter

Welcome to Buena High School

The Buena Way

Vision Statement

The Buena High School community empowers all students to achieve their full potential in a safe and academically-engaging environment. We inspire our students to be responsible and productive citizens in an evolving global society.

Buena High School WASC Accreditation




BHS Mission Statement

The Buena High School community will realize its vision through its commitment to:

  • Motivate learning through a challenging and engaging curriculum.
  • Stimulate intellectual curiosity and life-long learning.
  • Foster responsibility and personal growth with a focus on Social Emotional Learning.
  • Guide all students to successfully pursue their career paths.
  • Inspire creativity and artistic expression.
  • Establish a climate of respect for the unique qualities and diverse backgrounds of all students.


BHS Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Our students will be:

  • Beneficial to the community
  • Understandingand respectful of diversity
  • Life-long learners
  • Leaders in their fields
  • Dedicated to wellness and self-advocacy
  • Occupation and technology-oriented
  • Guided by integrity and critical thinking
  • Skilled communicators

School News

School Calendar