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Buena Athletics

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Buena High School Athletics Twitter: @BuenaAthletics


Buena High School Athletics Twitter: @BuenaAthletics

VUSD Sports Resources:

Go Fan Tickets link

CDPH Athletics Guidance as of September 1st

VUSD Guidelines for Multi-Sport Athletes

VUSD Athletics Webpage

VUSD Student Transportation Permission Form

VUSD Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Clearance

Additional Resources:

VC Reopens Youth Sports Guidance

California Interscholastic Federation Guidelines for Return to Physical Activity

NFHS Guidance for Opening of High School Athletics

BHS Sports Resources:

Notice for Incoming 9th Grade Athletes

Athletic Online Clearance

Register My Athlete Instructions

Athlete's Bill of Rights (Spanish)

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2022-2023 Athletic Program Participation Numbers

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 Athletic Department Participation Contract  English     Spanish
 Athletic Policy and Code of Conduct English   Spanish
 CIF Code of Ethics English    
 Parent Concussion Information English   Spanish
 VUSD Athlete's Bill of Rights English   Spanish
 VUSD Emergency Contact & Health Insurance Information English   Spanish
 VUSD Informed Consent English   Spanish
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 VUSD Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Clearance English    
 VUSD SCA Information Sheet English   Spanish
 VUSD Student Transportation Permission Form English    
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2024-2025 Tryout Dates

Tryouts will be announced at least two weeks in anticipation of the try out date on Buena Today video announcements, posted about the school, on our website, and in our printed bulletin.  All students wishing to try out for a sport must be medically cleared by a qualified doctor and complete the Register My Athlete electronic forms prior to stepping foot on the field or court for tryouts.


Students who wish to utilize team involvement in lieu of a traditional PE class in grades 9 and 10 must be selected on a team for one sport per semester (both Fall and Spring semesters) in order for it to be counted as a P.E. course.


Athletic practices are closed to the general public and parents as well, unless prior arrangements have been made with the head coach and athletic director for a planned visit.


Unlike youth sports or pay to play sports, high school sports participation is based upon academic eligibility, skill level, and attendance of all practices and games.  The high school level of athletic competition is extremely competitive and we play to win.  That said, stronger players often receive starting positions and more playing time during contests.  We will always work to develop all of our players equally during practices to ensure opportunities for improvement so that additional playing time can be earned, but this is by no means a guarantee and is always a coaching decision.


Emotions can run high when our children are involved.  For that reason, we must insist on a 24 hour cooling off period so cooler heads prevail when discussing topics of concern or agitation.  It is never appropriate to broach conversations voicing concern or disapproval with a coach on a contest day.


Concerns or complaints should always be resolved at the lowest levels first whenever possible following the steps outlines below.

Step 1. Speak directly with the Head Coach

Step 2. If no resolution is reached, Speak with the Athletic Director at (805) 289-1826, ext. 2030

Step 3. If no resolution is reached, speak with the Assistant Principal in charge of the athletics Program at (805) 289-1826, ext. 1014 

*Following the chain of command will be strictly adhered to in addressing concerns as presented, and those in need of an audience will be directed to the appropriate person for a resolution and/or investigation.


Southern Section California Interscholastic Federation Rules and Regulations 

Title IX and Sex Discrimination Law 

Donations to a Specific Sport

Please make checks payable to Buena High Associated Student Body for the desired amount of your contribution.  In the memo line, please indicate the specific Sport Trust to which you wish to donate (i.e. Girls’ Volleyball Trust, or Baseball Trust). 


Administrative Staff

 Tina Perez, Assistant Principal
 Derek Rusk, Athletic Director 

 Noemi Cruz, Athletic Secretary


FALL SPORTS (Click here for schedules)


Head Coach



 Ryan Bolland

 Girls' Flag Football

 Michael Gianelli

 Boys' Cross Country

 Michele Burns

 Girls' Cross Country 

 Michele Burns

 Girls' Golf

 Paul Engel

 Girls' Tennis

 Robert Jacobson-Duteil 

 Girls' Volleyball

 Eric Valdivia

 Boys' Water Polo

 Tom Davis


 Lawren Agnew


WINTER SPORTS (Click here for schedules)


Head Coach


 Boys' Basketball

 Matt Colton 

 Girls' Basketball

 Trevor Payan

 Boys' Soccer

 Forrest Solis

 Girls' Soccer

 Amanda (AJ) Tewes

 Girls' Water Polo 

 Thomas Favero


 Eddie Martinez


SPRING SPORTS (Click here for schedules)


Head Coach



 Joey Contreras

 Boys' Golf

 Paul Engel


 Breanne Flores


 Amanda Graves

 Boys' Tennis

 Robert Jacobson-Duteil 

 Boys' Track

 Nathan Sommars

 Girls' Track

 Michele Burns

 Boys' Volleyball

 Jesse Martin  Kelsie Danebrock

 Girls' Beach Volleyball  

 Wendy Mace


The Buena Athletics Department has a vision and a mission, which I have included below and on the attached document.


The Athletics Department at Buena High School will have a transformative impact on our student athletes by developing character, integrity, leadership, teamwork, and persistence. These values learned through Buena High School’s athletic programs will provide the opportunity for our graduates to lead meaningful lives and become more productive members of the community.


The mission of the Athletics Department at Buena High School is to provide athletic programs that develop student athletes through competition as an extension of the academic classroom. We believe that our athletic department is a dynamic, integral part of an educational experience, providing our student athletes with life-long lessons for personal growth. Our athletic programs are committed to finding success on the athletic field of play while competing with character, integrity, discipline, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and ethical behavior. Our coaches, faculty, and student athletes inspire a deep sense of pride in what it means to be part of the black and blue, the Buena Bulldogs!

It is important to our coaching staff to connect with you regarding your interests in our athletic programs for this upcoming year. Please reach out to our coaches by clicking on the following link: BHS Coaches Each coach can explain the specifics of his/her program when he/she responds to your communication.

Athletic Clearance (Register My Athlete):
I do want to provide you some information on one item that is required for participation for all programs, that is a student’s athletic clearance. This needs to be completed each year to be athletically cleared to participate in any sport, including tryouts, practice, or competition. I have included the link to the athletic clearance page on the Buena High School website, which can provide details on Register My Athlete, the online platform used to process the clearances. The athletic clearance includes a doctor’s physical, which has to be uploaded to Register My Athlete. The pdf of the physical clearance form that the doctor’s office would need to complete and you would need to upload is on the Buena High School Website Athletics page (under the athletic clearance tab) for you to download. If there are any questions regarding this process, please direct them to the Athletic Assistant, Noemi Cruz.

Athletic Clearance Link

We are really excited to welcome your son/daughter to Buena High School!! Please reach out to the respective coaches if you have sport specific questions, or to Derek Rusk (Athletic Director) and/or Noemi Cruz (Athletic Assistant) with any other questions you may have.

Stay safe and well!

Buena High School Athletics Website:

Buena High School Athletics Twitter: @BuenaAthletics


Derek Rusk

Athletic Director
Buena High School

Noemi Cruz

Athletic Assistant
Buena High School