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Speak Up for Safety

SpeakUp for Safety is VUSD’s dedicated student confidential reporting platform. SpeakUp is a secure and confidential tipline that is designed to empower VUSD students to express concerns about various issues affecting their well-being and safety including but not limited to bullying, self-harm, student behavioral issues, potential school violence, and other campus safety threats.  We are advertising this system to our 5-12 grade students, but any student may use it. 

How to Report:

Students can report concerns through:

1.      Emailing

2.      Calling or texting 805-410-9366

3.      OR in an emergency dial 911

Confidentiality and Review:

Communication from students on SpeakUp is confidential and will be reviewed by a live person on the safety line 24/7 during the regular school year and summer school sessions. The team will assess the severity and urgency of each report and take appropriate action, either referring the information to a school or distinct administrator or in extremely urgent cases, contacting the police department. 

For Students Only:

SpeakUp is exclusively for VUSD students. We encourage families to discuss the importance of using this platform with their children. 

Additional Support:

Our doors are always open for parents/guardians/students/staff/community members who prefer direct communication with school administration. If you have any questions about this new system, please contact your school directly.

We believe in creating a safe and easy-to-use environment for our students to Say Something when they See Something. Let’s work together to ensure the well-being and safety of our school community.